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Gravimetric micro-feeders

Volumetric micro-feeders

Loss-in-weight feeders Powder scatters Multi-heads feeders


Gravimetric micro feeders

High accuracy feeders - weighing with 3 controlled flow rates

Micro filling of syringes,  bags , cartridges and vials

Micro dispensing of fine powders and granules or tablets

All types of hygienic micro feedings of high accuracy

Achievable accuracy from few mg.


Batch loss in weight feeders

Weighing with 3 controlled flow rates

Compact and hygienic solution to dose small to medium quantities of materials.

Suitable with difficult and sticky materials.

The scales are integrated inside the housing. The flow of material is measured out in real time.




Scattering units

Continuous or batch volumetric scatterers

Coating of dry material with a precise control of the thickness of the film dispensed.

Topping and decoration in food industry.

All applications with mineral or organic materials , from ultrafine  to coarse particles.

Width: up to 2 m


Multi-heads feeders

Volumetric feeders

Topping and decoration in food industry

All applications where it is requested to dose simultaneously  the same amount of material on several points of application.

Min. dosing time from 0.3 sec.

►Width: up to 2 m. The number & width of dosing points can be changed easily with different tools.


Volumetric micro feeders

Continuous or batch volumetric micro feeders

High cadency micro fillings (dosing time from: 0.3 sec)

Continuous micro feedings.

Download "Highest accuracy for the smallest dosage"



Continuous loss in weight feeders

Continuous gravimetric feeders

Gravimetric closed loop feeders, for hygienic or process applications.



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