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Application of micro dispensers

For batch feeding


See case studies

 Precision  of the feeder's balance


100 mg 


10 mg


1-2 mg    

4 A

0.1 mg

   Direct feeding in the packing
   Feeding in a weighed swivelling bowl

   Integration on automatic lines

4  levels of precision for the scales:

Class Weighing resolution Min. quantity (estimation) Max quantity (estimation)
A                     100 mg    (0.1 gram) > 10 g ~ 20 kg
2A                      10 mg    (0.01 gram)   > 250 mg ~ 500 g
3A                        1 mg    ( 0.001 gram) > 100 mg ~ 100 g
4A                   0.1 mg    (0.0001 gram) > 20 mg ~ 10 g

2 possible configurations for the micro-feeders:

Direct dosing in the packing laid on the balance.

Dosing in a weighed swivelling bowl (feeding is performed in "hidden time", during manipulation of the packing).


Some performances
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