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Loss-in-weight feeder - performances

Technical features /advantages

Performance :

For  batch mode: characterized by time and accuracy of feeding;

  • The accuracy depends on several factors: the accuracy of the scales, the particle size, density of the ingredient, and the feeding rate (A short dosing time will limit feeding accuracy).
  • The couple "dosing time/ accuracy" is optimized thanks to our weighing controller ensuring fast acquisition and 3 feeding flows.

For continuous mode: characterized by output flow rate stability (short-term stability and the flow range of use).


Plus  :

  • 100% hygienic design
  • No friction between feeder parts and ingredient = the ingredient is not damaged or agglomerated, no wearing of the feeder.
  • Little or almost no particle size segregation:  The extraction movement in a horizontal plane, does not generate vertical vibrations in the storage hopper,  responsible for segregation (small particules concentrated in the bottom of the hopper).
  • Virtually no maintenance:  wear-resistant parts, high strength mechanical design.
  • Easy reconfiguration of the feeder: From the base unit, dosing hoppers of different widths can be mounted and thus the feeder can be reconfigured for different applications.

From the base unit, a new dosing hopper can be changed within a few seconds, to reconfigure the feeder.


Batch mode:

Range of feeding  50 g - 500 kg
Accuracy  from +/- 3g
Recommended for  Fine powder, abrasive material, granules, delicate material

Continuous mode:

Range of feeding  10 - 400 kg/ h
Accuracy  From +/- 2%
Recommended for  Fine powder, abrasive material, granules, delicate material

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