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Micro-feeders 2A class

Micro feeder with swivelling bowl mounted on the scales yes

 A  and  2A class yes
Hygienic design yes
Table top feeders or integrated on lines yes



Micro feeders with the swivelling weighing  bowl independent from the extractor.

Toxic powder - with integrated lump breaker to reduce the particle size before dosing

Feeding : 1.1 kg +/- 0.5 g



Working station for filling of pots with cosmetic powders 1000 g +/- 0.2 g.

Includes suction and treatment of dusts.
Dosing of pyrotechnic powder    1 - 70 g +/- 0.05 g.
Dosing of pyrotechnic powder - 70 g +/- 0.01 g. Dosing of glass balls - 50  g +/- 0.3 g.
Feeding of fine powder - 10 g +/- 0,1 g. Feeding of pyrotechnic tablets - 20 g +/- 0,06 g. Feeding of fine powder  - 1 g +/- 0,005 g.

Feeding of electrolyte  - 7 g ± 0,03 g Feeding of metal powder  - 45 g +/- 0,15 g
The weighing device including the swivelling bowl is independent of the extractor. This configuration allows isolation of the scales from the vibration noises of the environment, and ensures better measurement stability. It is recommended in case of integration on a production line.



Micro feeder with compact design: the generator and the scales are integrated in the same housing.

Feeding of tablets Ø 3.5 mm - 1 g +/- 0.05 g Feeding fine powder 5g +/- 0.1 g

Feeding of zinc stearat - 12 g +/- 0.1 g

In mono block compact feeders, the weighing system and the feeder generator are integrated in the same housing to facilitate installation. They are available with two qualities of scales (A or 2A class) to ensure a high level of accuracy.


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