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Le 04/02/2015 dans la catégorie : Fairs


Ever since 1997, the largest factory in France has invited sector professionals to discover a large top-quality offer in Brittany, the capital of the food-processing industry./p>

Présentation salon Cfia

Objective: To give life to ideas!

The event currently welcomes over 16,000 visitors and 1,300 exhibitors, as it continues to monitor changes in the food-processing industry, while retaining its manageable format. Besides a friendly atmosphere, it offers a unique range of products and services to help you do business, innovate, and develop the right assets to succeed. The exhibitors spearheading innovation are divided into three categories:
Ingredients & Processed foods, Equipment & Processes, Packing & Conditioning.

Food processing is the largest sector in France, accounting for 492,608 jobs. The sector’s turnover exceeds € 160 billion (Source: Ania). Increasing competitiveness in a tough business environment, becoming better at meeting consumer expectations, focusing on innovation and improving manufacturing processes to be in line with market trends … CFIA is the perfect venue for visitors and exhibitors to reach these goals, make contacts, and finalize projects! CFIA Rennes continues to play a vital role as the food processing sector’s main trade exhibition. It has become well known outside of France, confirming—as if that was needed—Brittany’s special place at the heart of this hi-tech sector!

We look forward to welcoming you to CFIA Rennes, on March 10–12, 2015!



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